Sunday, 27 March 2011

Yadgar, Manchester

From a Leeds curry institution last weekend, to a Manchester curry institution this. The curry cafés of Manchester are a wonderful thing, and I wish we had them in Leeds as well. If you're not familiar with them, they all offer variations on the same theme. This being a basic, rather scruffy canteen serving pre-cooked curries, any choice of three on rice, usually for under a fiver. I've been to several of them, and have always been fed well for not much money.

On Friday night I chose Yadgar, one of the better ones on past experience. Here we have cauliflower, lamb and lentils. Unfortunately it wasn't great. On my previous visit to Yadgar I was quite impressed by the distinctive flavours of the curries, but this time everything seemed a bit muted and bland. The portion was rather stingy as well. It looks large, but it's mostly rice with just a smear of curry on top.

Nevertheless it fulfilled a need, my hunger was sated and it was still better (and probably more wholesome) than a fast food chain meal. Most of the curry cafés are scattered around the Northern Quarter, with a few in various other suburbs such as Cheetham Hill. For a comprehensive listing check out Flavours of Manchester. Which is your favourite?


90 High St

M4 1ES


3 comments: said...

Nice write up. Top Quality and Kabbana are my favourite "curry cafes".

rubbishknitter said...

personally i bloody love yadgars, but agree with you about the portion size being a bit stingy. There's something not quite right about leaving a curry house hungry, probably because i am so used to indulging in massive feats of gluttony in them

Dave said...

Spice Club - thanks, haven't been to either of those two yet. They're on my list!

Rubbish Knitter - thanks, yeah I loved Yadgar myself after my first visit. Curry house gluttony defo has something to do with portion expectations though!

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