Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gale Lane Fisheries, Acomb, York

I seem to have eaten fish and chips again. That's three times in the past few weeks. Must be something to do with being back in Yorkshire more often. I genuinely believe that the best fish and chips are to be found in Yorkshire. I could pontificate on what is wrong with them in various other parts of the country, but it would probably be very boring so I won't.

These fish and chips were quite good. Good sized, flaky haddock. Crisp batter. Chips with the right balance of crispiness and greasiness. Bucket loads of scraps. My only criticism is that the fish wasn't freshly fried, so had dried out a bit.

I think it was £4.60 for fish, chips and curry sauce. I didn't pay though, my Mum did. Thanks Mum! Not worth a special visit, but good if you're in the area.

I'm hoping to see more of York this year, so there may be more posts to come. I don't know it very well at all, but have recently discovered it has a number of rather enticing pubs and bars to investigate. Thanks beer bloggers!


Gale Lane Fisheries
218-220 Gale Lane
YO24 3AQ

1 comment:

Gary said...

could just eat that now.

york is amazing for pubs, I did a couple of posts on my blog of a few of my favourites. search out the Blue bell near the shambles next time you are in york. quality pub.

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