Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dosa Express, Withington, Manchester (revisited)

I had a dosa craving on the way back to Manchester this afternoon so decided to pay Dosa Express another visit. After a rather substantial, pork filled breakfast (cheers Chris!) I opted to stay veggie and had a madras masala dosa.

The dosa was crisp and light and the spiced potato filling was soft and warming. The three chutney's on the side (coconut, coriander, tomato) were all fresh and tasty, and the sambar was better than on my last visit (less salty, more veggies in the portion). My only criticism is that it was a bit small for a dosa, they usually turn up hanging off the edges of the plate.

I didn't quite manage to stay vegetarian though, as I ordered these on the side. Oops. Two mutton rolls were fantastic, greaseless and crispy with a heavily spiced mutton and potato filling. I could eat these all day.

The bill came to £6.50 including a bottle of water. Definitely worth a visit.

19 Copson Street
M20 3HE

They also have another branch in Derby.

My last visit.

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99Errorz said...

Only if they had this dish at Manchester escorts it would be even more amazing there!

Anonymous said...

i feel the real south indian taste and the food was fantastic... dosa,chicken menu price was far cheaper..impressed with taste and will give party order for my birthday....will visit again......

Anonymous said...

Went to Dosa Express over the weekend (4 of us in total. Simple place but that does not bother me. Very poor service though. We we given part of the main meal (Dosa) and 20 mins later we got the second part of the main course, the mutton curry. When the mutton curry came , it was a small bowl containing 3 peices of mutton in a gravy. Not even enough for one person. When I checked the bill, each portion of curry cost £4.49 shock! But the dosa was £3.49. Need to sort out their pricing and their portion strategy. No apology either for the delay. Infact we had nothing to eat the curry with so we ended up ordering chapatti.

Dave said...

Anon, sorry to hear you didn't like it much. 20 mins is rather too long to wait between the dosa and curry arriving I'd agree. However they wouldn't have expected you to be eating the dosa as an accompaniment to the curry. A dosa with a filling (which it must have been at £3.49) would be classed as a meal in itself rather than something to mop up the curry with. On the off chance you do go again, get the parotta to mop up you curry. Miles better than the chapattis.

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