Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Byker Vista Cafe, Newcastle

A very brief jaunt to Newcastle today, a few hours work, a quick lunch and back down the A1 to Yorkshire. What a glorious day it was though, I could have easily ditched work for the rest of the day in favour of strolling around the toon in the sunshine.

Unfortunately duty called, so lunch and five minutes fresh air would have to suffice. The Biscuit Factory was somehow on my radar (Twitter? Random googling? Who knows?). It's a commercial art gallery with a cafe inside, promising views across the Ouseburn valley. Sounded spot on for a sunny afternoon, so I headed over.

The cafe is located on the first floor, and does indeed have a fine view over the valley. Beautiful in an urban, post-industrial way if you like that sort of thing, which I do (think railway lines, warehouses, tower blocks etc). The room makes the most of the setting too, huge windows with barstool seating running their length.

 It's always sunny in Newcastle!

Food-wise it's fairly standard stuff; - sandwiches, panini, quiches, and some rather fine looking cakes on display (afternoon teas were advertised). I had the broccoli and stilton quiche (£5.50) with a bottle of Fentimans Ginger Beer to wash it down.

Fentimans, Warehouses

The quiche was pleasant, good creamy filling but a bit light on the stilton. Coleslaw on the side was obviously homemade, with a pleasing crunch to it and the salad wasn't bad either.

 Quiche, Coleslaw, Salad

The food was nice if unremarkable, but it's a lovely venue particularly in good weather. I also had a wander round the gallery which is well worth a look. The building is all exposed brickwork and wooden vaulted ceilings and there's a range of interesting art on display. I'd recommend a visit for afternoon tea on a fine day.


Byker Vista Cafe
The Biscuit Factory
16 Stoddart Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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