Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Riverside Café, Hillsborough, Sheffield

I hadn't eaten a dirty great fry-up in ages, so was really hoping the Riverside might be a successful source of breakfast joy.

It's a popular café, and an attractive one too, with a clean, bright feel you don't often get in a £3.50 breakfast establishment. I wasn't expecting the finest quality ingredients but I was anticipating a well executed full English.

It didn't really stack up in the end which was a shame. They cocked up the order, his and hers customised breakfasts should have been one with hash browns and scrambled eggs, the other with black pudding and a fried egg. The extras arrived arse about tit, and they forgot to put the beans on one of them. No beans!

Bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms were all ok but rubbery eggs and damp toast really let the side down. The black pudding tasted of soggy regret. Sausages were of the scrapings tube variety, but that's not a criticism as that's what I expected. Being a tad hungover I quite enjoyed them.

On a more positive note passable freshly brewed coffee at £1.20 was a bargain and they had some good looking cakes and pies. I'll give them another try at some point for these.


80 Catchbar Lane
S6 1TA

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