Friday, 23 November 2012

Asia Style, Glasgow

Another day another dark, rainy mid-week journey to Scotland. I love Glasgow but it can be a bit dismal in November. For some reason I was craving noodles, only they would brighten my day.

Search for 'noodles Glasgow M8' and chances are you'll end up at Asia Style (actually that's lies, you'll probably end up at somewhere called Ichiban, but Asia Style must have entered my conciousness somehow 'cos it only took me two minutes to recall its existence and locate it), a casual Chinese Malaysian place close to Charing Cross station just off the motorway.

I was hoping they might serve me a decent laksa, my last such experience being a bit underwhelming. At least they had roti canai, sneakily hidden on the menu under the description 'Malaysian pancake'. Roti canai, done well, are marvellous. Crisp, flakey layered eggy breads of utter deliciousness; like the buttery bastard child of the finest paratha and a wayward croissant, dipped in curry sauce. Oh yes.

Sadly this one was a bit rubbish, cooked too quickly too hot, rendering the edges charred but the interior lumpen and unflaked, grease permeating the whole. I still loved it in a sordid, sweaty fried bread kind of way though, that is if you ate curry with your fried bread. Which you probably should.

Curry laksa this time, I would have had assam but they didn't do one. I'm no expert on Malaysian food, but I think curry laksa should include seafood and tofu, but I'm not really sure in what sort of ratio. This one was ten parts tofu to one part seafood. One big prawn, three fish balls and several kilos of spongey tofu and the weird vegetarian tripe that is beancurd skin.

I'm yet to learn to love tofu. I'm really trying, but it's just not working. The texture is always wrong, be it spongey or squishy or slippery or chewy. Consequently eating this was a bit of a chore. The curry broth was ok, nothing special though, as were the noodles (which were the thick yellow mee variety).

I can't quite decide whether this was rubbish, or just not to my tastes. I'd just driven for four hours in a torrential downpour so my brain was frazzled when I ate it so it's hard to say for sure. On the plus side it's cheap and cheerful, and copious quantities of Chinese tea are proffered free of charge. It's open late so maybe go when you're pissed.


185-189 St George's Road
G3 6JD


AM said...

Being from Glasgow I can confirm that its decidedly grim in November...well until April to be honest.
Asia Style aint what it used to be. They raised the prices and it all went a bit shit. Banana Leaf on Cambridge Street is really good...not too far away either. New Vietnamese 'Hanoi Bike Shop' in West End is worth a try too. If you fancy a curry try Yadgar on South side or Cafe Salma. Both cheap (not Manchester cheap though!!) and well tasty.

Dave said...

AM - thanks for commenting. Those places are all new to me so I'll keep them in mind for my next visit. Thanks!

Fran and Tim said...

Hi Dave, we went to Hanoi Bike Shop en route to Skye recently and wrote about it. Worth a look for sure

Dave said...

Hi Fran & Tim, just read your post about Hanoi Bike Shop. Food looks good, especially the beef salad.

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