Sunday, 25 November 2012

Caribbean Food Stall, Kirkgate Market, Leeds

I'm not sure what the name of this place is, or whether it even has a name, but it's a relative newcomer on Butchers Row selling hot Caribbean food. I think they might have started out with a weekly slot at the Source, so it's good to see them progress to being a fully fledged business trading on the market.

You can takeaway or eat in at the handful of tables they have inside and out on the row. Chicken meals are all four quid and curry goat is a fiver. The goat was good stuff, stewed slowly on the bone to melting tenderness. The sauce holding it was deceptive, seeming a bit boring at first but building with fruity scotch bonnet heat.

Rice and peas were the coconutty real deal and soaked things up nicely. Side salad was limp and undressed, but salad isn't really the point of this meal.

A wider range of cooked and ready to eat food stalls is one of the things I think the market really needs, so I hope they manage to make a success of this. Sadly if it didn't last I'd hardly be surprised. For the moment, along with Maxi's Rotisserie there are two good places for lunch filling the gaps on Butchers Row. Use them or lose them.


Butchers Row
Leeds Kirkgate Market


Ian Williams said...

I went here the other week Dave. Had the jerk chicken and it was really nice. Very tender meat, nice flavours. I hope they are able to make it work, although I have noticed more and more empty stalls in the market of late.

Dave said...

Thanks for commenting Ian, glad to hear the jerk is good. The uncertainty over what will happen going forward seems to be causing trouble I think - not many people are prepared to sign up for a new stall so the vacancies grow.

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