Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bacon Sandwich Quest: October

The end is nigh. We've reached the final quarter of our journey together. We've experienced highs and lows, mostly the latter... I'll shut up before I go any further with this or I'll have nothing left to write come BSQ eulogy time in a couple of months.

Guess what? October wasn't particularly thrilling. 'Twas a two sandwich (actually three, but I got carried away and wrote about one of them last month) month, one steady but slightly disappointing and one offering up an unsettling bread related curveball.

Slightly disappointing was this effort from the Whirlow Hall Farm stall at the Sharrow Vale market. Whirlow Hall Farm are a charitable trust doing great work so I'd rather not be too harsh about their sarnie, but it was a bit pants. Very small, unevenly cooked bacon, not much of it, no brown sauce available. £2.50. The bacon itself was good quality though, so I'll just recommend that you go and buy some and leave it at that.

BROWN BREAD BACON SANDWICH KLAXON. This is wrong surely? Not just any old brown bread but full on thick sliced granary. This comes courtesy of the nice chaps at Mrs Atha's in Leeds, who will serve you excellent coffee. I think you need to rein in some of your wilder ideas a bit though lads. Granary/bacon is not the way to attract a regular buttie clientele. There's a time and a place for experimentation and the working person's breakfast is not it.

Having said all that I quite liked it, but the quantity of bacon therein was rather meagre relative to the bread. Brown sauce and good service were in plentiful supply. £3.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I can't bring you the leaderboard (I mean unforeseen in a kind of 'problems on the railways' sort of a way, as in 'entirely foreseeable') this month. It's safely stored on my personal laptop which is at home in Sheffield, whereas I'm in a hotel room in Scotland. Oops. I'll update the post on my return, in the meantime you can rest assured that neither of these two is going to trouble the frontrunners.

Not long to go. Keep the faith.

Edit: here's that leaderboard you've all been waiting for.


Lee said...

Starting to worry about what I'm going to do once this is all over.

Anonymous said...

We demand 'Sausage Sandwich Quest' for 2013. We, your loyal readers, insist on nothing less........

Mr Noodles said...

Brown bread in a bacon sandwich! In Yorkshire! No! Perhaps the world is changing. After all, I was offered brown bread in a uitmijter (open sarnie with fried eggs) in Amsterdam recently.

Dave said...

Lee - don't worry, I'm making arrangements for counselling.

Anon - it's a good idea in theory but not sure I can handle all such quantities of low grade pig scrapings.

Mr Noodles - I don't think central Leeds counts as Yorkshire any more. It's more like Clapham or somewhere these days.

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