Thursday, 3 February 2011

Riverside Sourdough Bakery, Dock Street Market, Leeds

Just another quick lunch post, and my first from Leeds. I got wind of this place on Twitter and it looks like a good find. The sandwich menu is short and interesting. Fancying a healthy-ish option I went for the Baba Ghanoush, Feta, Chargrilled courgettes, Sesame seeds & Rocket on a brown roll (£2.95).

When I opened it up on my desk it looked a bit disappointing to be honest. The feta had been forgotten leaving me with a rather vegan looking sandwich. I shouldn't have worried. The inclusion of cheese would have improved things (the inclusion of cheese improves most things obviously) but it was really, really good anyway. The other flavours just worked perfectly, making it far more than the sum of its parts. And the bread was fantastic, really tasty with a nice open texture and proper crust. Oh and chargrilled courgettes are great too. I can't really describe why, but they are. Recipe idea: Chargrilled courgettes, olive oil, black pepper, too much parmesan, squeeze of lemon, all stirred through pasta. Yum.

I digress. Soup is also available for a very reasonable £1.50 and I couldn't resist a pot of that on the side. Lentil and butternut squash it was, and very nice. I took a photo but it just looked like some indistinguishable brown stuff in a pot so I haven't bothered posting it.

The place is still under construction at the moment, with work ongoing on the main bakery and part of the cafe. I will definitely be returning and so should you.


Riverside Sourdough Bakery
Dock Street Market
22 Dock Street
LS10 1JF

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