Saturday, 12 February 2011

Deli Central, Wakefield

I'd planned to head back over the Pennines to spend the day in Manchester today, but my mate Barry had a few hours to kill before meeting friends in Leeds so I agreed to accompany him on a tour of the splendours of Wakefield.

Before you laugh there are some splendours in Wakefield, honest. The civic quarter has some solid victorian architecture, the cathedral is pleasant, the chantry chapel is historic and interesting, the new Hepworth Gallery is opening in May, and the marvellous dereliction of Kirkgate railway station is not to be missed.

Sorry, forgot this was a food blog for a moment. Back to the comestibles. Before the grand tour we popped into Deli Central for a bite to eat. It's a very good looking little place, all blond wood and posh chutney for sale. I rather unimaginatively opted for a ham, cheese and tomato panino and a pot of tea. Just a pot of tea for Barry who was still full after dining on fish and chips, curry, trifle and beer the previous evening.

The panino was generously proportioned and tasted fine, but was otherwise unremarkable. The leaf and tomato salad on the side was limp and undressed, but the potato salad (cold new roasted potatoes with sun dried tomatoes, spring onions and some sort of dressing) was good. The pots of tea were loose leaf and very nice. At £5.45 for the sandwich and £1.80 for the tea it wasn't cheap.

In summary a decent option, but a bit expensive. Quiches on the deli counter looked good though.


Deli Central
20 Northgate
The Bullring

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