Sunday, 6 February 2011

Baekdu, Manchester

Stinking hangovers all round after last night's exploits. I usually want something spicy and soupy at times like this, the heat clears the head and the liquid rehydrates. I've been to Baekdu a couple of times before and thought it would fit the bill nicely.

It's a fairly cheap, casual canteen sort of place situated on Shudehill serving up Korean food. To start we ordered a kimchi pancake and a side of kimchi to share between the three of us. Kimchi is fermented cabbage (I think you can get other veg varieties but the usual stuff is cabbage) with loads of chilli in it. Sounds weird but give it a try, it's lovely. Korean pancakes are sort of a cross between a thick american style pancake and an omelette. This one was good, thick and eggy with a good crisp crust and a soy based dip to dunk it in. Great comfort food.

                                                          Pancake, soy, kimchi

For the main event I opted for a clay pot stew with beef, kimchi and vegetables (can't remember the Korean name). A bubbling cauldron of fiery red stuff arrived with a calming bowl of boiled rice. The photo is rubbish because there were was so much steam rising off it it was like peering through fog. Not particularly complex flavour wise, it delivered salty, beefy stock and bucket loads of chilli heat. It perked me up good and proper. My friends opted for a dolsot bibimbap (clay pot dish of rice, chicken, egg, vegetables, spicy red bean paste. It comes all prettily arranged on top of the rice, you mix it all up with your chopsticks) and a chicken noodle soup. Both were good.

                                     Steaming hotpot with beef, kimchi & vegetables

                          Dolsot bibimbap (rice, chicken, egg, veggies, red bean & chilli paste)

The bill came to £36 for three including green teas and a tip. Recommended for a quick, cheap, spicy filling alternative to the more common asian offerings.


77 Shudehill
M4 4AN

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