Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Manchester Pub Crawl

Enjoyed a great pub crawl last night in Manchester. There seem to be an ever increasing number of pubs serving an interesting array of real ales, which me and my friends all love. I would happily recommend all of these five that were on our route:

The Marble Arch
The Angel
Bar Fringe
Crown and Kettle
The Castle Hotel

.. that was the planned bit. After that things were a bit more 'freeform' and my memory is a bit sketchy. I think it went something like this:

The Bay Horse
Hunters Asian BBQ
24hr garage

A grand time was had by all. There was much merriment, laughter and intellectual debate (sort of). Favourite beer of the night award goes to Marble Ginger, which is wonderful stuff. Favourite food of the night award is a tie between pork scratchings and smoky flavoured nuts (they taste of bacon!) (both in the Marble Arch). Mistake of the night award goes to the visit to the 24 hour garage (3am cigarettes and Ginsters. Not necessary).

I won't be posting a review of the curries as I can't remember what I had or what they tasted like. (Which is entirely a reflection of my drunkenness and in no way reflects badly on the standard of Hunters).

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