Thursday, 30 August 2012

Vineataly, Leeds

I should start by pointing out that Vineataly, the Italian wine and food bar down at Granary Wharf, is a place that's really geared up for smaller groups, people paying a visit in twos and threes for a spot of lunch or post-work wine and nibbles, as opposed to a twenty strong party having a sit down meal in the middle of the afternoon.

That's what we did to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday, and although I wasn't sure at first if we'd chosen the right place things turned out pretty well in the end. The casual atmosphere and mix and match menu (sandwiches, snacks, pasta, salads, a few meaty grills) suited us just fine as people came and went and not everyone ordered at the same time.

Most importantly (to me at least) the food was good. I had the slow roasted porchetta which was beautifully tender, fragrant with herbs and had a fair bit of crackling. It was served simply with roast potatoes, gravy and salad. Everyone else seemed satisfied with their meals, I didn't try any of them but the bread used for the panini looked like quality stuff.

Desserts were also worth having. I tried a bit of a lovely, obviously made in-house tiramisu (that was slightly oddly served in a foil takeaway container) and had a decent affogato myself.

Strangely enough for an establishment priding themselves on serving fine wine, I really wasn't a fan of their own-branded red. It was certainly wasn't undrinkable but just seemed a bit rough for an eighteen quid bottle. I did like the white though, a smooth, fruity Trebbiano.

Having criticised the wine (though I'm sure others on the list are fantastic) I'll compliment them on giving proper consideration to beer. There are only a few beers to choose from, but they're interesting and a break from the norm. It's very refreshing to see an Italian place offering something other than Peroni.

I could happily spend some more time at Vineataly, the upstairs room is a pleasant place to be, with wine case lined walls, a view out over the regenerated canal and the steady rumble of trains overhead. Food prices are fair, the porchetta is the most expensive item on the menu at £13.50, pasta dishes are mostly under nine quid and sandwiches under five. Service was slow at first but soon got going, and we certainly kept the staff busy with multiple orders for both drinks and food.


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Gillian said...

enjoyed your review of Vineataly. I agree with you about their own wine, we were disappointed with it too. The tasting seemed ok but once we had a glassful we weren't so sure.

I think as well its probably better to during the day. We went around 7.30 and it was packed, people seating and standing, it was a little too busy for us.

Having read your review, i think we will give it another chance during the day (as we love their sister restaurant up in Pudsey, Diva Italiana).

Dave said...

Hi Gillian,

thanks for commenting. Glad it wasn't just us who weren't convinced by the wine. Other than that I do like the place though. I've never been to Diva in Pudsey but have heard a lot of good things.

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