Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bacon Sandwich Quest: July

Oops, this month I almost forgot completely. You wouldn't have missed much, as it turns out I only bought one bacon sandwich in July, and it was a bit crap.

I've just been racking my brains for the last ten minutes trying to recall where on earth I bought it from, and then it came to me: a mucky sandwich van in a lay-by on the A57. Don't you yearn for a glamorous life like mine?

I can't really recommend this one, the roll was small and so were the rashers. A very meagre effort for £2.40. The bacon was also completely devoid of fat, like those Matteson's turkey rashers or somesuch abomination. There's no fun in fat free bacon now is there?

At this stage in proceedings August isn't shaping up any better. I might eat nothing but bacon sarnies for a week to improve matters as this is getting tedious. Sorry.

Here's the leaderboard.

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