Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Mustard Pot, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

A Sunday roast in the pub. Something I used to do regularly that's become a once in a blue moon occasion. A quick scan at my blog archive and I'm fairly confident that Sunday just gone was the first time this year I've eaten a roast dinner, in a pub, on a Sunday. I'm not entirely sure why this is such a rare occurrence nowadays, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's because the Sunday roasts at most pubs are a bit rubbish and I can cook better myself. Not always the case though, and having heard good things about the food at The Mustard Pot I was rather looking forward to it.

Five of us for dinner, and everyone wanted a roast. The lamb was already finished, leaving a choice of beef, chicken or nut roast. Three beef and two chicken were ordered, and arrived promptly.

Appalling photo notwithstanding (sorry) it wasn't the most exciting looking plate of food. The beef looked good, but the yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes appeared limp and pasty. First impressions were correct. A good thick slice of flavoursome pink beef had some lovely caramelised, marmitey bits around the edges and was doused in a thin but rich gravy. Although it was good, a more generous hand with the gravy would have been better. The Yorkshire pudding was a desultory affair, small, under-risen and tasteless and the roast potatoes were no better. They couldn't have spent more than five minutes in a roasting tin and were completely lacking in any crunchy, roasty deliciousness.

Vegetables were brought out separately in dishes for everyone to share, and were also a mixed bag. Creamed leeks were lovely. Silky, sweet, unctuous and a great foil for the beef. The other platter of mixed (probably steamed) veg was fine but plain steamed veg is never going to be the interesting bit.

A one word summary of this meal would be: inconsistent. I could have eaten whole plates full of the beef and creamed leeks, they really were good. On the other hand, a roast dinner with poor Yorkshire puddings and worse roast potatoes is severely lacking.

We didn't partake but there were some great sounding desserts available (summer pudding with clotted cream for one). Despite the inconsistencies on this visit I'm sure you could eat really well here, I'd certainly give the food another try. It's a nice pub for a drink too, there's a large beer garden and usually at least a couple of decent ales on.


20 Stainbeck Lane
Chapel Allerton


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Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

You're spot on with your review, I went here for sunday lunch not so long ago and it was inconsistent even bewteen people on our table!

I got a fantastically tasty and huge yorkshire, someone else got one which looked like the runt at the end of the tray when you're just using up the last bit of batter. The veg was nothing special but the beef was spot on.

Again with the meat though the portions amongst different people were way different. It's a shame because if they tweaked these little things then the mustard pot could be fantastic. Very frustrating.

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