Friday, 22 July 2011

Maxi's Rotisserie, Leeds Kirkgate Market

Another Friday lunchtime visit to Leeds market today. Resisting the temptations of the Sunshine Bakery I walked swiftly past and headed down to Butchers Row. And there, at the bottom on the right hand side you will find Maxi's Rotisserie, a little outpost of the Maxi's restaurants in York and elsewhere in Leeds.

I've had my eye on this place for a while. It's a takeaway with just four counter stools for eating in, and specialises in Chinese roast meats. There is roast duck, pork belly, char sui pork, soya chicken, and even suckling pig. You can buy a whole bird or pig, or just have a portion of anything you like on rice.

Done well, this Chinese staple is a great meal. Succulent, crisp skinned meat, soothing rice, a few steamed greens and perhaps a dab of chilli sauce or a splash of soy. I chose roast duck and roast pork belly on rice (£5.30).

Maxi's version lived up to expectations. The pork was especially good, a very crisp, salty fat layer giving way to sweet tender flesh. The duck was a bit flabby but still tasted good. The house chilli sauce (I think chilli with fermented/preserved beans of some sort) was fiery and livened things up, and the portion was enormous. I didn't get close to finishing all of the rice.

A very good feed for the price, I'd probably stick to the pork though. Next time I think I'll try that with the soya chicken. The staff were friendly too. Well worth a visit.


16 Butchers Row
Kirkgate Market

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