Thursday, 7 July 2011

Moghul's Taste, Bury New Road, Manchester

Just a quick post this; a review of one of my favourite curry cafés in Manchester. I had planned to pontificate at length on my love for these places, but it just took me over two and a half hours to drive not quite fifty miles home, so I'm tired and can't be bothered. The M62 had been broken by some inconsiderate lorry drivers who couldn't quite manage to drive along it without crashing in to each other. Idiots. All other routes via Rochdale, Oldham et al were gridlocked.

Back to the food, although I suppose an occasional report on the status of the M62 is not entirely inappropriate given the tag line of the blog. I think that's the first time I've actually mentioned it! Sorry, back to the food now. Moghul's Taste is one of a little cluster of curry café cum kebab shops on Bury New Road (I think the area is actually Strangeways). I've been there a couple of times before for kebabs, which were very good, but today I needed a curry fix.

Rice and any three curries will set you back just under a fiver, about six quid with a roti and a can of pop. I had lamb karahi, keema and potatoes, and lentils. All were pleasant and tasty, the keema was particularly good. They're not the most vibrant, fresh tasting curries (they do sit stewing in the warmers all day, so are more gently warming comfort food) so the bowls of ginger, chillies and coriander sat on the counter for you to help yourself are a great idea. A good dollop of these mixed in and you've got yourself a feast.

Good breads too. A large, fresh tandoori roti is great value at 50p. Perhaps a bit stodgy, the dough could be rolled thinner, but that's being picky. On past experience the naans are good too. The only down side is that the service can be a bit sketchy (they forgot my roti today and had to be pestered) and the queueing system a bit vague with people all clamouring for attention round the counter. I wouldn't let that put you off though unless it's very busy.

Thanks as ever to Flavours of Manchester for the recommendation, there are reviews over there of the other two similar places in the vicinity; Qila Khyber and Lakshmi Chowk.


53 Bury New Road

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