Thursday, 20 September 2012

Whitworth Art Gallery Café, Manchester

After a week of loafing around snacking and boozing thoughts inevitably turn to healthy eating, so of all the recommendations given to me for lunch near the University in Manchester the Whitworth art gallery café seemed like the best bet (thanks to North West Nosh for the tip).

The soup and salad meal deal was really rather good, and a more than generous lunch for £6.50. More than generous as in bloody loads and more than I really needed to eat. Does it still count as healthy eating if you eat two healthy lunches at once, or have I blown it?

Either way it was nutritious and vegetarian so that's a start. The roasted tomato soup was simple but well made and came with excellent sun-dried tomato bread (from the Barbakan deli if I recall correctly). Full marks for not using little pre-packaged pats of butter too.

Everything on the salad plate was distinctive in its own right, there was none of that melange of dressing/mayo mess you sometimes get when several mediocre salads are plonked together in a bowl. There was potato salad, properly dressed leaves, good hoummus, a few grapes and olives, a sweet, oniony roasted vegetable mix and best of all, a lovely nutty chickpea one with cumin and carrots.

I really enjoyed this, and it's always nice to see cultural institutions outsourcing the catering to small companies who care (as opposed to execrable catering giants like Leith's). Highly recommended.


Oxford Road
M13 9PL 

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