Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bacon Sandwich Quest: August

I'm really getting sick of this blog feature now. Why did I decide to do it? Why? Roll on December is all I can say. August was hardly a thrilling month in bacon sandwich world, but at least it wasn't as bad as July.

July really was the pits of the world. It rained too much, I didn't go on holiday anywhere less rainy and nowhere near enough bacon was involved.

August was a three sanger month. But there are only two sandwiches pictured below I hear you cry. You'd be right, I ate two of them at once, as the magnificent Buffet Box of Cumbernauld does a special breakfast offer: 2 bacon rolls and a tea or coffee for two pounds.

TWO pounds for TWO bacon sandwiches. AND a hot drink. They're small but very well formed. Similar to the offering just up the road at the Old Inns Café and plenty of other places in Scotland for that matter. Smoked bacon on a crusty-ish roll, smear of brown sauce, friendly service. These were just let down a touch by a surfeit of cheap marg.

The other one was from the café at Rivelin Valley Park in Sheffield. The bacon and bread were good here, and had it not been for some poorly drained tinned tomatoes rendering the whole thing a bit soggy, I'd have been impressed. Thick cut bacon with a mild cure, very soft fresh bread and not badly priced at £2.50 to eat in.

Four more months to go. I must and shall complete this challenge. It really hasn't turned out to be much fun though. Perhaps I should have upped the ante a little, bacon sandwiches are so 2010 what with everyone on the internet shoving bacon in any foodstuff imaginable. Ooh look at me I made a bacon trifle and it was AMAZEBALLS and just wait 'til you try my bacon and black pudding pavlova you'll go blind with pleasure.

Here's the leaderboard as if anyone were interested:


Luke Mundy said...

How come you only only gave yourself 4 out of 5 for service? Did you swear at yourself or something?

Dave said...

Had to cook it myself didn't I. Couldn't give it 5 if someone didn't do it for me.

Gillian said...

i miss the kind of rolls you get in scotland, seeing your photo has made we want one. no where in engerland makes anything like them. sigh.

Dave said...

Good aren't they? Only one thing for it, a trip to Scotland!

Gillian said...

going at the end of october (i am scottish so its a trip home) so i will have to wait to get my fill then..

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