Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Pizza Pod, Leeds

Another street food contender in Leeds, the Pizza Pod keeps it simple and the results are good. They've got a proper wood burning oven fixed atop a mobile trailer, and serve just three different pizzas plus a daily special.

The regular three are margherita, al funghi or pepperoni and each costs just £3.50. The special on Friday was pecorino, rocket and truffle oil for £4.

The al funghi was generously topped, with a decent balance between cheese, tomato and mushrooms. There was a nicely charred crust and a bit of chew to the base, not the best I've ever had but far better than those you sometimes get that are overly thin and end up with the texture of crackers. Garlic and chilli oils are available by way of condiments.

You can find them on Albion Street on weekday lunchtimes. Well worth a visit as an alternative to a sandwich.



jared lecouteur said...

Oh my god the picture of that pizza looks identical to the one that i had on my cruise holiday on a princess ship, the resturaunt was called alfredos. its kind of weirding me out how much it resmbles that, im deifinatly going to the pizza pod now, bought back so many memories :')

Dave said...

Hmm, that looks suspiciously like spam to me Jared. I'm leaving it there though because I like the name 'Jared Lecouteur'.

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