Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lokanta, Broomhill, Sheffield

You'll have to excuse me if this post is a little half-arsed, unnecessarily irritable, or just badly written. Please feel free to blame Blogger and the ancient browser on my work laptop, somehow the pair of them have conspired to lose the several hundred words of (allegedly) carefully crafted, thoughtful prose I've just finished writing about Lokanta.

So I'll have to start again. Lokanta, in Broomhill, is a rather smart Turkish restaurant. We ate there by accident, the persistent rain driving us in off the streets before we'd reached our originally intended destination.

Everything on a meze taster plate was proficient if uninspiring. We happily ate the lot but the only memorable thing about it was the excellent freshly baked bread we scooped it up with. One basket was never going to be enough and a second batch was readily provided (as it should be in any proper Turkish place).

Shish kebabs for mains, one lamb and one chicken. Both were made from high quality meat, accurately cooked with a good char from the heat of the grill and succulent insides, still pink for the lamb. A tomatoey chilli sauce, grilled pepper and buttery rice were successful foils for the meat, but the grilled tomato and potatoes weren't really worth the effort.

At just short of £50 for two courses and a single drink each (a large beer and a glass of passable white from the all-Turkish wine list) the bill seemed a little steep. The food was enjoyable but they're definitely charging a premium for the pleasant environment and slick service. That said there's nothing wrong with upgrading the kebab experience once in a while; - we did have a lovely evening.


478-480 Glossop Road
S10 2QA

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