Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Costello's Bakery, Headingley, Leeds

Someone on Twitter suggested Costello's to me as somewhere I might find a good cake. I didn't find a good cake there, but I did find a very good lunch deal so thank you very much whoever you are.

It was a little incongruous sat eating this on a warm sun dappled afternoon, it's probably more one for the dismal winter months, but who am I to turn down pie, mash, gravy and a drink for £3.50? I got the choice of ordinary or special mash, special being ordinary with added leeks and bacon. Entirely predictably I chose the special.

I enjoyed the pie, a sturdy affair of short pastry and tender, stewed beef. The mash and gravy weren't half bad either and there was bloody loads of it. Give it three months until there's a nip in the air then get yourself down there. In the meantime the sandwiches looked good too.


61 Otley Road



chinadave said...

I must agree the pie,mash and drink deal is very good. Free wifi upstairs. I also tried a cake and was a little dissappointed. Too dry,not moist enough ! I think this place will go down a storm with students. The location is great and could we have another one in say, Ilkley.

Dave said...

Thanks for commenting. I did buy a cake too, mine was too dry as well. Thought I'd skip over that and focus on the good stuff in case it was a one-off. Didn't realise there was an upstairs, will have to take a look. Thanks.

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