Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Little Hanoi, Sheffield

Vietnamese food has well and truly arrived in the north, and not before time. This is one London food trend that's been slow to catch on outside the capital, but one that I wish really would (unlike certain others, like burger joints with sweary menus and queuing for example).

There's lots to love about Vietnamese food, it always seems healthy with the nourishing broths and generous use of herbs but never fails to satisfy with a good dose of meat, carbs and spice. Although the cuisine has plenty more to offer it's to the two most well known meals that I return time and again. Pho, the beef noodle soup of wonders, and Banh mi, one of the finest sandwich creations known to man (a Banh mi can involve no less than three different types of pork so must be amazing).

Manchester and Sheffield had single Vietnamese food outposts until recently, and there's the odd place in smaller towns (Ilkley for one), but we haven't had anything like competition until now. Both Sheffield and Manchester have had new openings recently, with Little Hanoi in the former and Hanoi Quan and I am Pho across the Pennines, about which more tomorrow. I took a trip to Little Hanoi to sample the pho.

The classic rare beef pho at Little Hanoi was very good, the finest I've eaten outside London (where I like Café East at Surrey Quays best), the all important stock offering up deep, savoury satisfaction. The beef, thin slices of flank, was marvellous, tinged pink and delicate in texture but strong on flavour. Springy noodles completed the package.

There's room for improvement on the herbs front though, this was a better effort than Pho 68 over the road but single sprigs of coriander and mint is still a bit lacking. More of both and some of the Vietnamese specific ones (sawtooth herb in particular) and they'll really be on to a winner.

The rare beef pho will set you back £6.80 and everything on the menu is under eight quid. I drank an iced coffee but they are licensed if you fancy a few beers. Service was friendly and the food came fast. It's worth noting that although my pho was great, others haven't been so lucky. Clare from Feast and Glory tweeted a photo of the same dish that didn't look a patch on mine, so they may be a little inconsistent. Go, and hopefully you'll get them on a good day.


216-218 London Road
S2 4LW



Lily said...

For those who fancy Vietnamese foods or wanna try different flavour, this is a good choice. I can say that Littlehanoi is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in the North with superb cuisine and attention to detail. The food is well-decorated and eye-catching. They are so cute and beautiful. The last time I came there, I enjoy the food as well as their service. All the waitress are from Vietnam, they are all nice and well-attentive. The atmosphere is also intimate thanks to the colorful traditional lanterns. It is definitely suitable for celebrating birthdays or parties. Everytime I come there, I am always happy and comfortable

Dave said...

Lily - do you work at Little Hanoi by any chance? Just wondering...

Thanks for the comment anyhow.

Sam Cooper said...

Hi guys ,
I came to little hanoi last Sunday and really enjoyed the foods there, especially the hot Vietnamese coffee, so brilliant!!!!

Dave said...

Sam - thanks for commenting, I need to pay another visit to try more of the menu. Viet coffee is good isn't it?

Lily said...

Hi Dave,
My friend works there and he suggests this restaurant. To be honest, I love Vietnamese foods very much so that I go there very often. I see your blog. It really helps.

Dave said...

Hi Lily,

fair enough, I liked it too :) Planning a return visit soon...

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