Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Oak Farm Hotel, Cannock, Staffordshire

In the unlikely event that you're ever looking for a cheap-ish hotel on the outskirts of Cannock or Wolverhampton you could do much worse than the Oak Farm. The rooms are pleasant and have recently been refreshed. They make good chips. Just don't order a salad.

This crab salad, from the Specials board, had four ingredients. They were: tinned crab meat, red onion, leaves from a bag of mixed leaves, tomato. It wasn't special. It was bloody awful. No seasoning. No dressing. Not even a squeeze of lemon. Just some tasteless crab mush, some tasteless leaves, some tasteless mealy tomatoes, and lots of tasty red onion. The overall impression was of slightly briny red onion served with a variety of unpleasant textures. Oh dear.

I wasn't really looking forward to my gammon after that. But what do you know it was a bit bloody good. Of immense proportions, around 3/4 of a pig at my best estimate, salty but not overly so, nicely cooked with just the right amount of bite and chew. Chips were home made, maybe a little bit chunky but properly crisp and fluffy within. The egg was dippable. The leaves on the side were as per the starter, no dressing, no seasoning etc.

No problems with the service, and the bill came to around £17 with a glass of (shit) Chilean merlot. Stick to meat and chips and you'll do fine. The chef must be a salad dodger. You don't win friends with salad anyway.

4/10 (1/10 for the salad, 7/10 for the gammon)

Watling Street
WS11 1SB

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