Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Café Marhaba, Manchester

It's curry café time again! This time Marhaba, a classic of the genre and possibly my favourite one in the city centre. It's friendly and family run, scruffy, cheap and has a tandoor for fresh bread.

Rice and three curries (£4.80) looked unappealing (except for the nice flowery tea-and-cake at Grandma's plate). Dun coloured slop was my first impression, but it tasted a whole lot better. The rice was surprisingly good, a perfectly cooked pilau fragrant with cardamom, cloves and pepper. The lamb was the best of the curries, lovely slow cooked meat in a fairly hot, reduced sauce. The lentils were also good but the chicken was a bit rubbish. Boring sauce, overcooked dry meat.

A naan was crisp and fresh, a touch doughy in the centre but not half bad, especially at 90p.

Stick to lamb, lentils, rice and bread and you won't go far wrong.


36 Back Piccadilly
M1 1HP

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