Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My top ten pancake fillings

In no particular order here are my favourite pancake fillings. What are yours?

  1. Spinach and gruyere 
Cheesy spinach. Yum. Doesn't have to be gruyere but a good melty cheese is best.

 2. Golden syrup 
My childhood favourite. I haven't got any golden syrup at home (I have some at work where I use it for ruining the health benefits of porridge) so I couldn't have one of these.

 3. Banana, pecans, honey, greek yoghurt
This one would be great for breakfast too.

4. Raspberry jam.
My favourite fruit, in jam form, in a pancake. Marvellous. Forgot to buy the jam. Boo hoo.

5. Lemon juice and sugar
The classic. And possibly the best of the lot. This one is a particularly fine specimen. Look at it, beautifully mottled and bronzed. Like a sun dappled Friesian, like a fair freckled maiden. Or something.

6. The Middle East special
Featuring chargrilled peppers, hummous, spiced lamb, yoghurt, lemon, herbs. You want a nice thin crispy cake for this one. Who needs pitta?

 7.Garlic mushrooms
Best with lots of butter. Lots and lots of butter.

8. Nutella
This is actually Lidl own brand nutella with actual hazelnut chunks. It's even better than the real thing.

9. Caramelised apples, vanilla ice cream
Another one from pancake sessions past. Can't remember when I last had these but they were bloody lovely.

10. Parmesan, black pepper and olive oil
First one out the pan. Wonky but delicious. You'd have these toppings on pasta, so why not a pancake. It's more or less the same thing anyway.


Mr Noodles said...

Where's the duck, hoi sin, spring onion & cucumber?

Dave said...

I almost did include them! But decided to stick with crepe/European style pancake fillings otherwise I'd have to write a top twenty. Thoughts of duck and hoi sin pancakes led to masala dosa, the Vietnamese ones stuffed with beansprouts & prawns, the thick Korean kimchi ones etc etc.

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