Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sukhothai, Headingley, Leeds (takeaway review)

Another day another disappointing takeaway. Thai this time, from Sukothai in Headingley.

Things got off to a bright start with a salad and some Thai sausages. The salad (Som tum) was crisp, zingy and surprisingly chock full of pungent, slightly foetid tasting (in a good way) dried shrimps. A lot of places hold back on these, presumably thinking they're a bit much for the average English palate. They can be a bit of an acquired taste, I like them but preferably in the presence of shedloads of chilli to balance things out a bit. The chilli quotient needed upping by about a factor of five, otherwise it was pretty good.

The sausages (Sai oua) tasted a lot better than they look! Coarse cut, fatty pork cut through with lime leaves and lemongrass. Citrus flavours might sound unusual in a sausage, but it works very well.

Another starter of tiger prawns in crispy batter was ok too. In a 'massive scampi straight from the freezer into the fryer' sort of way, but still.  

My main course was a disaster. It was a noodle stir fry (Pad kee mao) with prawns, basil, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and chilli. The noodles had been horribly overcooked and had formed together in a single claggy, sticky mass, with all of the other bits and pieces scattered around the outside. There was very little chilli in there and if there was any Thai basil in it at all I couldn't detect it, perhaps they'd run out and bunged some coriander (which definitely was present) in instead. Given the lack of basil or chilli the predominant taste was sweet, as in a bit sugary and nothing else.

A red curry was better, in that it wasn't actively bad, just boring. Completely one-note flavour wise (sweet again) and with no particular redeeming features.

Two starters, a salad, a curry with rice and a stir-fry cost about £26. Not the cheapest takeaway but Thai does tend to cost a little more than Indian or Chinese. The sausages and salad did suggest this place might be worth another shot, but on the other hand if they're happy to serve noodles like that then maybe not.


St Annes Road

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