Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Famous Fish Pan, Scarborough

It can be a challenge finding good fish and chips at the seaside.

The smell emanating from chip shop number one was reassuring, a steamy fug of hot oil and vinegar. We walked towards the door, and then I spotted it. A half eaten fillet on someones tray, the skin clearly visible. What is this, London? I'll have my battered fish skinned please. We moved on.

Chip shop number two looked promising from the outside, at least if the various quotes adorning the walls (best this and finest that) were to be believed. Another steamy fug hit me as I opened the door, but this time I recoiled at the stench of stale fat. We moved on rapidly.

Chip shop number three looked fine, smelled fine and tasted fine. I broke with tradition and ordered curry sauce with my fish and chips rather than peas. The sauce suggested recourse to actual ingredients rather than a powder mix, and wasn't bad at all raisins notwithstanding. The chips were freshly fried, creamy/crispy and moreish, and only the fish let the side down, just. It would have been very good had it been cooked fresh. In practice it was a rather wizened specimen, the batter good and crunchy but the fish a little past its best.

I'm sure there are better chip shops in Scarborough, but this did the job on a Sunday afternoon. Prices were reasonable given the location, we paid £7.95 for fish, chips and curry sauce, chips and two drinks.


28 Foreshore Road

North Yorkshire
YO11 1PB


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