Monday, 7 November 2011

The Greedy Pig, Leeds

On Saturday The Greedy Pig served me up a contender for fry-up of the year, so in the manner afforded transpennine rival The Koffee Pot, here's the lowdown:

1. Bacon
Thick cut, piggy, crisped fat. Highly unlikely to have exuded nasty white foam on the application of heat.

2. Sausage
Good quality. Well seasoned. No daft, inappropriate at breakfast time flavourings.

3. Black Pudding
Aaargh no black pudding. Strangely I've been craving black pudding for weeks. It doesn't come as standard on the Greedy Pig breakfast, but I think you can add it for an extra 40p. But I forgot. At the crucial moment the desire for blood-based goodness eluded me. Damn fool.

4. Egg
Fried accurately. No mistakes. No egg snot.

5. Beans
Certain purists will tell you that beans should not be included in a traditional full English breakfast. The proprietors of The Greedy Pig may even be among such people as their breakfast doesn't include beans as standard. Fortunately they can be added for thirty pence. No slip-ups a la black pudding here, beans duly added.

6. Hash Brown
As ever, welcome when fried properly, and this was.

7. Tomato
Prime tomato season has long gone, but they managed to serve a grilled tomato with some sort of taste, so full marks here.

8. Toast
Just the one slice. White sliced. Just the job.

9. Tea
Served in a mug, with the bag left in allowing the punter to choose the strength of their own brew. Good. And from Teapigs too! I've been to places that charge well over half the cost of this entire breakfast for a cup of Teapigs tea. Outstanding value.

10. Condiments
HP sauce readily available in industrial quantities. Speaking of HP sauce, what's all this fuss about them changing the recipe and making it horrid? I haven't noticed. Maybe I haven't had the new stuff yet, or maybe I just don't have the subtle and refined palate I've persuaded myself I'm in possession of.

11. A bonus category! There were mushrooms too. Grilled mushrooms that definitely tasted of mushroom. 

It's not the largest of breakfasts, but it costs just £3.50 including the tea. For such good quality ingredients, assembled with such obvious care and attention, that is an absolute bargain. If you're especially hungry extra meaty things are 40p each, extra veggie things 30p. Adding beans, black pudding, an extra rasher of bacon and an extra slice of toast would still bring this in under a fiver.

The people running the place are friendly, and the sandwiches looked good too. Highly recommended.


58 North Street


Steph said...

I think they do a cracking breakfast there! I loved it!

Dave said...

Good isn't it? Could eat one right now, but I'm making my own this morning.

Anonymous said...

As a man who likes his fry-ups, you might wanna try Full Circle opposite Yorkshire TV on Kirkstall Road. They appear to be fairly anonymous at the moment, which is a shame coz they deserve a wider audience. The space is "quirky" to say the least, but expect hearty portions and well sourced ingredients.

Dave said...

Thanks Lester. Never heard of it... looks interesting.

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