Friday, 27 May 2011

Tony's Fish and Chips, Outwood, Wakefield

This blog is getting really repetitive at the moment. I eat curry, then I eat fish and chips, then I eat curry, then I eat fish and chips. If you're getting sick of it, please stay tuned as I'm going to be out and about in Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester all in the next ten days or so. Hopefully I'll have something new and exciting to write about after that lot.

But first, back to the fish and chips. I was tired and hungry, I'd just got back from football, my kitchen isn't going to be sorted out until next week, so last night I accidentally went to the chip shop again.

This time I tried Tony's, just up the road from the Empire and pretty much the exact opposite in scale. No drive through, no restaurant, just this hut:

 Photo credit: Betty Longbottom

I found the photo on Wikipedia, courtesy of Betty Longbottom. Wonderful name, wonderful hut.

Here is the lowdown on the fish and chips:

Fish - not cooked to order, but not overcooked, small but pleasant.
Batter - bit too thick, but pleasingly crunchy on the outer layer.
Chips - ok, had better.
Peas - good. Sweet and sloppy.
Scraps - yes please.
Value - Cheap as chips. Cheaper than chips in fact. £3 for fish and chips. £4.10 with peas and a can of Ben Shaw's pop. How do they make any money?

The verdict: Not bad, especially for the price. I'd go again.


653 Leeds Road


Anonymous said...

Seeing as you're a man who loves his South Indian food and are soon to visit Glasgow, try and make time for a stop at The Banana Leaf. It's been a couple of years since I last went (and it was little more than a hatch in those days) so I can only hope they're still as good as they ever were.

In fact, the West End of Glasgow is one of my favourite foodie destinations with some really good coffee shops, delis, cafés and restaurants, particularly along Byers Road.

There was also a little sandwich shop on Great Western Road called Bakehaus that sold an assortment of amazing German breads - really dense sourdoughs and rye breads - made by some crazy German bakerman, but I suppose you'd really have be a bread geek to make a detour.

Sorry, this has very little to do with fish and chips in Wakefield. I'll get me coat...

Dave said...

Hi Lester, thanks for the suggestions. I ended up eating at the Wee Curry Shop on Byres Road. Agree it's a great area, I was there in better weather last August. Will give Banana Leaf a try at some point.

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