Friday, 20 May 2011

The Empire, Outwood, Wakefield

Fish and chip quest continues. A bit of a disappointment this one. I had high hopes for the Empire, mainly because it's the only drive-thru fish and chip shop that I know. Fish and chips without ever leaving the comfort of your own car. Fancy that.

As it happens the drive-thru was closed. It wasn't yet 9pm and the website claims it's open until 10pm daily. Fibbers. So I had to struggle from the car (muscles were seizing up from football, I'm not morbidly obese) and go inside.

Fish, chips and mushy peas was a fairly standard £4.70. The main problem was that both fish and chips had obviously been sat around for too long. I know that few chippies cook everything fresh to order, but there are limits to how long you can keep it warm after frying before it's way past it's best. The fish was very overdone, but the batter had gone a bit soggy. A real shame as it was a lovely chunky piece of haddock. The chips were dry and mealy. Good peas though.

The food from here is probably a whole lot better if you turn up when it's busy and turnover is rapid. The basic ingredients all seem to be good. Having said that just because it's quiet when you arrive doesn't mean they should serve you up something fried two hours ago.


550 Leeds Road

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Rach said...

Its not any better fresh. There's a chippy further down Leeds Road that we go to, Kev's I think it's called - epic portion size.

Pavel said...

This is hilarious, I used to live down the road from here in Wakey. I'd drive up a couple of times a week and get Spam Fritters, Chips and Peas for me tea.

It wasn't proper Spam mind but I always used to enjoy it! Drive thru Fish and Chips is always win. Shame the fish wasn't up to scratch this time tho! That said it was about 7 years since I lived over that way!

Dave said...

Rach - cheers, I think Kev's is a mini-chain. There's one in Stanley called Kev's too. Local chippy magnate.

Pavel - just moved back after four years away myself. Trying to re-acquaint myself with the local chippies and greasy spoons!

Anonymous said...

Yes Kev owns three chippy's in Wakey but the best by far, is the one on Stanley Rd, opposite The Fox & Grapes and Pub and near to Eastmoor estate. The fish and chips are always cooked to perfection and top it off they have very generous portions.
As a huge Fish & Chip fan and I've bought them far and wide, the best is Kevs Of Eastmoor,120 Stanley Road, Wakefield,

Dave said...

I'm sure Robin Hood fisheries used to be a Kev's too?

Think I might have been to the Eastmoor branch years ago when I lived on College Grove Road. Will have to check it out, cheers!

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