Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A few good things to eat (volume 4)

Here is volume 4 of my 'good things to eat' series. The general aim is to waffle on about any food or drink I've particularly enjoyed and hopefully promote some good producers and suppliers in the process. After the last post in the series was a sweet-tooth special this time it's back to the savouries.

Pork Pies, Lishman's Butchers, Ilkley

A rival to Wilson's! I think these pies might actually be better. They are damn good growlers. A classic butchers pork pie, nothing fancy but very, very good. As well as pies Lishman's supply a wide range of meats, including some harder to find stuff like a lovely bit of mutton.


Boerewors (spicy beef sausage), South African stall, Leeds Kirkgate Market

Photo credit: TempestSA

I ate these at a friend's barbecue and forgot to take a photo, so I nicked this one from Wikipedia. I'm not normally a fan of beef sausages, but these were the business. Densely packed and quite lean but still moist with a lovely spicy kick. They don't twist the sausage into individual links so you buy it by the metre. You can't miss the stall, it's on the Butchers Row and has loads of Biltong (South African dried meat) on display.

British asparagus, available everywhere

The British asparagus season lasts for another month or so. Get it while it's good. You can buy the imported stuff (from Peru or wherever) all year round but I think the flavour is muted in comparison. The local stuff just tastes wonderful; fresh, sweet and green. For me, simple is best. Steam it for a few minutes then serve with loads of butter, salt and pepper or olive oil and parmesan. Maybe a squeeze of lemon but nothing else. I'm holding the stuff in the photo after we picked it in a friends back garden. Lovely.

Beer, Beer Ritz, Headingley

Photo credit: real-ale-reviews.com

Particularly after it recently closed down then re-opened Beer Ritz has had a lot of publicity of late. I thought I'd give it a mention anyway just in case anyone reading this isn't aware of it's existence. It's quite possibly the best beer shop in the North. Located on a side street in Headingley (just across the road from Bryan's chip shop) this little shop is an absolute treasure trove for any beer lover. They have a huge range, including many bottles that I've never seen on sale anywhere else. Prices are a little higher than you might be used to paying, but bear in mind they are obviously sourcing in small quantities from small producers with none of the savings associated with supermarket bulk buying. If you like beer you should go.



Lester Fontayne said...

A pork pie that's better than Wilson's? A bold claim, sir. It is a mighty fine pie, but, for me, Wilson's still has the edge.

It's surprisingly difficult to grab a quality pork pie in Leeds city centre, although I've recently settled on the pie from Dale Farm Foods in the market. Nothing remarkable, but inexpensive and reliable.

There's usually a Lishman's pie or two in Harvey Nicks, and, if you fancy a short walk, I believe that Brill on Great George Street (near the Infirmary) carry Wilson's products.

The Voakes porkies in Pickles & Potter are excellent, but a slice from a large pie just isn't the same as having your own self-contained portion of loveliness, is it?

As you can see, I've spent far too much time and effort in pursuit of porcine perfection. I could go on.... but maybe another time. ;o)

Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

I was in Beer Ritz at the weekend and it is better than ever.

They now have the full range of 'The Kernel' Beers from London including their amazing Black IPA. Get down there before they sell out, because trust me they will!

The beers are very rare outside of london and a few other select outlets. Even North Bar haven't got their mitts on any, so that tells you something.

Dave said...

Lester, yep it is rather a bold claim. I could actually be wrong. I'd have to do a taste test with both pies at the same time to be sure! Will check out the others you have suggested.

Neil, thanks I might try and get down there before the weekend. I only heard about Kernel Brewery a couple of months ago, but I lived in SE London until just over a year ago. The Rake by Borough Market was practically my local. Wish I'd been aware of them then as all of their beers sound amazing..

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