Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Y McGregor, Altrincham

More soup. Raining again and sudden head cold = more soup.

This is a nice spot for a bit of lunch in Altrincham. Soups, sandwiches etc all made on site. I opted for the sweetcorn and onion soup (pictured) with a chicken, spinach and Mediterranean veg sandwich. The soup was a sturdier beast than the description might suggest, all those stewed onions combined with the corn giving it a stocky sweetness. The bits on top are mixed seeds proffered at the counter. They gave it a nice bit of texture - sort of like health croutons.

The sandwich wasn't quite so good, the bread (a seeded roll) didn't seem overly fresh but fillings were fine. Good chickeny chicken. The staff seemed very friendly;- the woman behind the counter was busy offering two old dears a free sample of the other soup choice (Tomato Masala) which was confusing them no end ('Tomato what is it?' 'It's sort of curried..' 'Curried? Eh?')

Soup and a sandwich was £5.95 to eat in, or just the soup £3.50. Cheaper to take away.


Y McGregor
29 Stamford New Road
WA14 1EB

Not far from the Metrolink

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