Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Chippie, Hawes

My weekends away with friends often turn into festivals of eating and drinking from which I generally need about a week to recover. This was shaping up to be one of these weekends. Fish and Chips were suggested to assist our recovery from a Friday night in the pub. We drove over to Hawes, and after a quick detour to the Wensleydale Creamery (plenty of free samples in the cheese shop) rocked up at the Chippie.

As it was bloody freezing we opted to eat in. The cafe was decked out in wood panelled booths and had a lovely warm fug from the fryers. Meal deals all round;- Haddock, Chips, Peas, Bread & Butter and a Pot of Tea (£7.55). I could see the fat fillets of haddock being dunked in batter then the fryers and thought we were probably in for a treat.

And so it proved. Splendid fish and chips. Beautifully crisp batter, not too thick or soggy on the fishward side. The fish just right, flaking and moist. Chips that ideal chip shop combo of crispy with a hint of grease (definitely beef dripping). Peas not too thick, not too sloppy. Tea, strong and brown. Bread, sliced white (although spread with marg when butter is better. A very minor quibble.).

All in all, thoroughly recommended. They have Ben Shaw's pop too. And pickled eggs.


The Chippie
Main Street
North Yorkshire

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