Monday, 31 January 2011

Tebay Services, M6 Northbound, Cumbria

This was just a quick pitstop on the way up to Scotland for work. The reason for posting is the not inconsiderable attention Tebay services has received, primarily because it isn't run by one of the big motorway services companies (Moto, Roadchef et al) and actually attempts to provide something good quality rather than just seeming to try and extract the most cash possible from you whilst offering the barest minimum in return. At least that's the theory. The gap might just have narrowed now that the competition are offering sandwiches and salads of a reasonable standard (thanks M & S and Waitrose).

I didn't have time for a meal in the cafeteria (£8.95 for a roast, a bit steep for motorway services, but not bad I guess if it's any good), so grabbed a chicken salad sandwich instead.

It was fairly good, definitely a notch up from even the aforementioned better supermarket offerings. Plus points: very good bread, a great textured chewy organic granary loaf; actually chargrilled chicken with some taste to it; crisp, fresh salad. Minus points: tasteless tomato (to be expected, it's January) and margarine (WHY?). At £3.95 it's not cheap but most other motorway service sandwiches top out over £3.50 so in that context it's reasonable value.

In summary, more of these please. Thanks.


Tebay Services
M6 Northbound
(Just after Junction 38)
Cumbria CA10

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