Saturday, 6 October 2012

Trafalgar Fisheries, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield

And so it goes, that a pleasant surprise is followed by a thoroughly unpleasant one.

I really wanted to like this place, it had the air of a classic back streets chippy. The staff were friendly, there was a steady stream of custom and free Ben Shaw's pop was on offer with larger orders. So far so good. A six week chippy hiatus had me salivating.

It's just a shame the fish and chips were dire. A lumpen, ossified shroud of batter enveloped the fish, the flesh within fragmented on impact into dry shreds, the only thing holding it together the still-on skin. A vague whiff of tinned tuna hung in the air. This was haddock, allegedly. Whatever it was it had been fried an age ago, and caught back in the mists of time.

Those eating cod fared better, but not much as far as I could tell. Chips were ok if underdone, and the only real redeeming feature were peas with a pleasingly sloppy consistency.

I'm awarding a bonus point for the peas and the free pop. It didn't cost much but you'd have to pay me to eat fish like that again. Don't bother.


Trafalgar Fisheries
17 Trafalgar Road
Wadsley Bridge
S6 1JY

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