Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Marie's Thai Café, Waterloo, London

Meal one of two on my brief visit to London last Friday was lunch near Waterloo. Meal two of two in case anyone is interested was of a largely liquid nature with porky interludes, see here for details.

I was in Waterloo for a reason. Firstly, I had a meeting just across the river on Millbank, and secondly I was searching for Buen Provecho, a Mexican street food stall that I was under the impression had a regular spot on Lower Marsh market. They weren't there last Friday, so I had to seek other sustenance. 

I wandered up and down the street a couple of times but none of the other stalls were really tickling my fancy and Marie's seemed to be doing a roaring trade. There was a table for one free just by the window so I went inside. What I found was half greasy spoon, half Thai café. A general bustle and liveliness from scruffy tables packed full of cabbies and office workers ploughing into stir-fries or egg, bacon, chips and beans. A pair of Thai women holding court behind the counter, grinning and noisily firing off orders to the kitchen. What a great place to be on a Friday lunchtime.

I ordered the Thai set lunch, £5.50 for any stir-fry, rice and a side. I plumped for Chicken and veg with home-made chilli sauce and chicken wings on the side. The stir-fry was ok. The veg was fresh with a nice bite to it and the chicken wasn't overcooked, but the sauce was a bit sweet and gloopy. The chicken wings were manky, wouldn't bother with those.

The food here was average at best, but very cheap. I still had a thoroughly enjoyable twenty minutes though, the general bonhomie in the place proving infectious. Builders tea and something with chips might be a better option next time.

p.s. If anyone knows where Buen Provecho can be found these days, please let me know? (particularly on a Saturday). Thanks.


90 Lower Marsh

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FlavourBastard Review said...

I love to eat Asian food. I am planning to arrange a party for my birthday and I think it would a perfect place for that. Thanks for sharing.

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