Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mocca Moocho, Wakefield

I was hoping for a late breakfast on Saturday, but everywhere in Wakefield city centre seems to stop serving them at 11.30am on a weekend morning. Too early if you ask me, I want bacon and eggs available until at least 2pm, and preferably all day.

I did like the look of Moocho though, the outside tables were inviting in the pleasant sunshine so I decided to make it an early lunch. Quiche was about the nearest thing available to breakfast (it's mostly eggs right? Sort of like a cheesy breakfast pie) so I ordered a cheese and tomato one with salad (£4.95).

The quiche was very generously proportioned with a nice thin crust and a wobbly, cheesy filling. Unfortunately I'd made the mistake of saying yes when asked if I'd like it warm. What they actually should have asked is 'would you like us to blast the shit out of it in the microwave for five minutes?' Limp, soggy pastry was the end result. As we all know, pastry and microwaves do not a happy marriage make. The filling was still nice though.

The salad was artfully arranged but flavourless given the complete lack of dressing or lubrication of any sort. I'll excuse them that because the clientele were mostly getting on a bit, and elderly Yorkshire folk seem to be suspicious of salad dressing. The honourable exception to this rule being salad cream, which I like, but which isn't really dressing at all, more a special category of matter all of its own. I should have requested a sachet but didn't.

A cappucino was ok (about £2). What looked delicious, but I didn't try (too full of quiche) were some scones jam-packed with whipped cream and strawberries. There were also plenty of other cakes available, all of which appeared to be good quality.

Despite the microwave mishap I liked it here. I'll go back for tea and cake at some point, it looks a better option for this than Costa next door.


Mocca Moocho
10 Cross Square


Unknown said...

Isn't it called mocca Moocho?

Dave said...

er yes, you are completely correct. Not sure what I was thinking, shoddy blogging. Post duly amended.

Unknown said...

Sorry I commented whilst in the gym, I also meant to say - their scones are the best in Wakey! I love them, have one next time! The clientèle is much more upmarket and sophisticated during the week... :)

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