Sunday, 26 June 2011

Box Pizza, Leeds (takeaway review)

After inadvertently spending the hottest day of the year so far indoors ripping out carpets and glossing skirting boards (tedious but necessary) I needed food and sunshine this evening. Pizza seemed like a plan, perhaps with a bit of salad and an ice cold beer. I'd heard good reports about Box Pizza, and given that the average takeaway pizza in this country tends to rank somewhere between mediocre and totally vile I thought it might be worth a shot. I picked up a margherita, a salami with chillies and roasted peppers, and a rocket salad.

The pizzas were pleasant enough, certainly above average takeaway standard. Toppings were good quality but the bases were nothing to write home about. I was hoping for bubbly, charred edge dough but got a limper, cornmeal dusted crust without much flavour.

The rocket salad was good. Plenty of peppery, fresh leaves with roasted cherry tomatoes and a generous covering of parmesan. Including a little pot of dressing was a nice touch too.

£15.60 for both pizzas and the salad. Not bad and easily enough for 3 people. Worth ordering if you're in the delivery area or passing through, but I wouldn't make a special effort. Is there better takeaway pizza in Leeds?


Box Pizza
The Triangle
2 Burley Road


Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

Pitza Cano! Handmade pizzas, spun to order in front of you from balls of fresh homemade dough, and with a million different topping options available.

First takeaway in Hyde Park and still the best. Been going strong since 1989.

Dave said...

Good call Neil, had just about forgotten about Pitza Cano! I lived on Brudenell Road for 2yrs when I was a student, used to go there regularly. Half pound chilli cheese burgers more often than not.

Sion Battle said...

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