Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sandwich Quest {Volume 3}

Some sandwiches I've eaten recently.

Hot Roast beef cob, Hambridges, Matlock

A traditional butcher's shop effort. Thinly sliced beef, overcooked to dessication then redeemed with a generous slop of dark, lustrous gravy. Satisfying and messy. Sturdier bread would be better, reducing the mess and turning less rapidly to mush. I'd have another though. £2.60.

Bread 5/10
Core filling 6/10
Secondary filling 3/5
Sauces/condiments 3/5
Value 3/5
Service 3/5
S-Factor 7/10

Total 30/50

Doner sandwich, Munich

German doner kebabs are ace. Even the cheapo ones are a far better proposition than their British counterparts. Better salad, better bread and better meat. We win on the chilli sauce front though, spice fiends that we are. About 3 euros. Maybe 4. Can't really remember.

Bread 7/10
Core filling 7/10
Secondary filling 3/5
Sauces/condiments 3/5
Value 4/5
Service 4/5
S-Factor 8/10

Total 36/50

Toasted cheese, Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool

An expertly crafted sandwich, I wrote about it here.

Bread 8/10
Core filling 6/10
Secondary filling 4/5
Sauces/condiments 3/5
Value 4/5
Service 4/5
S-Factor 8/10

Total 37/50

Roast ham and pea hummous, Smythson's Deli, Nottingham

Rubbish. There's nothing worse than somewhere that gets your hopes up then doesn't deliver. A ridiculously meagre effort for around four quid. Roast ham and pea hummous sounds good on paper, and the ingredients might have even been good,  but it's difficult to tell when they're present in such stingy quantities you can barely taste them.

And look at the accompanying crisps and salad. Limp and miniscule, a complete waste of time. If you're in the area there's a Subway next door.

Bread 6/10
Core filling 3/10
Secondary filling 2/5
Sauces/condiments 1/5
Value 1/5
Service 3/5
S-Factor 3/10

Total 19/50


Lee Burns said...

The odyssey continues. On a taxonomic point, are burgers included in this?

Dave said...

I had to look up my first sandwich quest post to check my own rules! These are they:

The rules are simple: is it a filling between or somehow within any variety of bread? Yes? Then it's a sandwich. it looks like burgers are fair game.

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