Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Castle Chippy, Castle Market, Sheffield

You'll find the Castle Chippy, appropriately enough, within Sheffield's Castle Market, another traditional market that's been the subject of controversial redevelopment plans in much the same vein as Kirkgate in Leeds, and a whole host of others in recent years.

In the case of Castle Market, it seems the battle for preservation has already been lost, with plans to knock it down and build a replacement at the other end of the city centre being well advanced. For the most part the existing market is a post-war concrete behemoth, an interesting and functional period piece as far as I'm concerned, but sadly lacking in the listed Victorian splendour that would have assured its future.

Tempting as it is I'm not going to rattle on at length about this market, I am supposed to be writing a post about fish and chips after all, but if you are interested in what it has to offer I'd suggest reading this, this or this, all informative stuff written by Clare from Feast and Glory.

Right, so there's a chip shop in Castle Market, and it's really very good. A rare cod and chips (unlike most of Yorkshire haddock isn't standard round these parts) was a great success. Thin batter, chunky pearlescent flaking flesh, fresh tasting. 

Chips were pleasingly beefy with some nice crunchy bits, but some could have done with a minute or two longer in the fryer. A steal at £3.40. Pay a visit while you still can.


25 Castle Market
S1 2AG

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