Monday, 14 May 2012

Han Sofrasi, Nottingham

I've often driven out of Nottingham on the A610, straight up Alfreton Road, and thought there'd be some likely candidates for a good lunch in the vicinity. Last week I finally got round to stopping and taking a look, and was pleased to discover my suspicions were correct.

Han Sofrasi was advertising a lunch special, £6.50 for the dish of the day with rice and bread. It was pushing 2pm so I was ravenous and the offer of double carbs appealed. Inside I was pleased to find a proper Turkish grill house, massive charcoal grill in situ.

Sadly the daily special didn't involve anything grilled, but was pretty good regardless. I forget the Turkish name, but it was assorted chargrilled vegetables (peppers and aubergines mainly) stewed in a pepper and tomato sauce with chunks of lamb and potatoes. Very simple but well made. Smooth, sweet, tangy sauce, soft char edged vegetables and tender lamb.

The rice was nicely cooked and the bread had been warmed up, giving it a crisp, slightly oily crust (a bit focaccia like) and light, airy insides. In authentic Turkish style there was also bloody loads of it.

Service was quick and friendly, I was in and out in about 15 minutes for the loss of £8.50 including a soft drink and a tip. Would I return? Well it's not worth a special trip but if I'm in Nottingham and after Turkish food then it's probably a great option. Nice tunes on the website too. Check it out.


Han Sofrasi
91 Alfreton Road

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