Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bagel Nash, White Rose Centre, Leeds

Until the other week I hadn't been to Bagel Nash in years. I had it in mind that it was crap. I can't recall why, but presumably I ate something rubbish from there. Either that or my confused brain mixed it up with somewhere else.

Whatever the reason for my assumptions, they were wrong. Sorry Bagel Nash, I was mistaken, you're not crap.

I had a salt beef bagel from the White Rose Centre branch and really enjoyed it. It wasn't legendary-American-diner-sandwich good, but it was certainly £2.95-in-a-shopping-centre-in-Leeds good. (For moaning about poor attempts at salt beef or pastrami sandwiches see here.)

The bagel was a pleasing combination of both light and chewy. The beef wasn't amazing, but there was plenty and it had a good beefy flavour. The mustard was hot but not overly so and there were loads of pickles. Delicious, crunchy, sour pickles.

A good lunch. I won't leave it so long before paying a return visit.


7 branches in Leeds, 2 in Manchester, 1 in Huddersfield and 1 in York.


Becs @ Lay the table said...

I just love Bagel Nash. I work in Beeston so it's not too far for me to go - their falafel one with houmous is really good. I never know which bagel type to choose though!

Dave said...

Will have to give that a try. Just starting to regain my love of falafel and houmous after I OD'ed on them in the Middle East last October!

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