Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tamper Coffee, Sheffield

Good pies and even better coffee. Antipodean heaven. That's what you'll find at Sheffield's Kiwi-run Tamper Coffee. You'll also find sandwiches, cakes and lovely service. I went here for lunch today and was impressed.

The flat white was pretty though not the prettiest I've seen, but tasted divine. A really rich coffee blend, not at all bitter, perfectly made so it was silkily smooth. An absolute delight. I could drink these all day.

I had to have a pie. Sadly there were no steak and cheese left. Anyone who's been to New Zealand or Australia will be aware of the regard in which pies are held in those nations (what with the pies and rugby and beer, both are rather like a sunnier Wigan), and to my mind the steak and cheese is king. I was so looking forward to eating one here, but had to settle for steak alone.

No matter, it was a lovely pie. Quite a flakey crust, not too dense, and chock full of chunks of tender beef bound in just the right amount of gravy. The little pot of crunchy, light coleslaw on the side was a nice touch too.

I also tried some of the brie and cranberry sandwich, and that was spot on as well. I was waffling on the other week about how genuinely good bread could elevate a sandwich from good to great. This was the case here, decent fillings and bread cut from an organic loaf with a lovely open crumb and chewy crust. The bread was advertised as being from the Cat Lane Bakery, definitely one warranting further investigation.

Excellent food and drink, and as I mentioned at the start friendly service from the guy in charge, who was enthusiastic and welcoming. Prices are fair at £2-2.50 for most coffees and £3-3.80 for sandwiches, although perhaps a little toppy for the pies at £3.60. That's a very minor quibble though, as they're certainly high quality. A great little place.


9 Westfield Terrace
S1 4GH


Correen said...

This is good to know! I've had coffee here before and will have to try the food one day as it's not far from my work. Thanks for the tip!

Dave said...

Thanks for commenting Correen. The food was really good, they're expanding the seating area too.

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of a steak & cheese pie :). A quick Google gives a Jamie Oliver recipe which seems to be a steak pie with grated cheese added to the filling. Is that it? It doesn't seem a natural addition to me, but if I ever see one I shall try it. How does the cheese change the taste?

Northern Food - broadening your horizons :)

Dave said...

It makes it taste cheesier! Which is obviously a good thing. It's usually a sort of gooey, cheesy, saucey layer on top of the meat. I guess it's probably a cheese sauce rather than just grated cheese.

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