Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pizza Express, Meadowhall

Pizza Express do seem to be popping up all over the place recently! The tried and tested formula of pizza, pizza and more pizza proving ever popular!

I had a craving for pizza the other evening so decided to give the Meadowhall branch a try. On arrival at the restaurant we were greeted and shown to a table by a friendly waiter. We were then offered menus and given the opportunity to order drinks while deciding what to eat.

I chose a glass of a Chianti, which was robustly flavoured and really yummy while my dining partner opted for the fresh and zingy Sauvignon Blanc. The restaurant itself is bright and airy, and we were amused to note that there's a projector TV screen on the wall that was showing Home Alone! What a great idea to keep the kids happy we thought!

After taking time to peruse the menu (so much choice!) we decided to have some olives, garlic bread and dough balls to start. The olives were totally amazing. So fresh and lovely and flavourful. What a beautiful green colour too.

The bread and dough balls were a carb lovers paradise, we were really hungry so it was ok. The garlic butter with the dough balls was melt in the mouth delicious, but it was very garlicky though, so make sure to share with someone who doesn't mind garlic!

For my main course I had a fiorentina pizza, which unusually had an egg on it. The combination of egg with the spinach and olives on the topping was surprisingly yummy and authentic. The pizza base was also nice and thin which is apparently down to the staff who make it themselves after twelve weeks training!

My dining companion declared her Gustosa Magica Leggera to be a great success. It's a pizza with the middle cut out and replaced with salad. Perfect for those with smaller appetites, and apparently the name means Delicious! Magic! Light! in Italian which is appropriate as it really reflected that.

We hadn't managed to save room for dessert (we will next time, they had some really decadent choices!) so asked for the bill which arrived promptly. It was about £37 which was quite expensive but the food was nice so we would come again.

A nice place for authentic, flavourful Italian food with lots of choice in a friendly atmosphere with nice service.


Pizza Express


freerangegirl said...

Ive never had a bad meal at Pizza Express - and its always a winner with our kids - nice pick out on the Fiorentina, one of my favourites!

Dave said...

Thanks for commenting freerangegirl. I do quite like the Fiorentina pizza, although I have had a bad meal at Pizza Express before (this wasn't an entirely serious review).

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