Monday, 12 December 2011

Bryan's, Headingley, Leeds

I've been very lazy of late. If something isn't reviewed within a few days of eating it I tend not to bother. I ate the meal in this review about a fortnight ago. As I said, lazy. The main reason for not reviewing stuff retrospectively is that the memory tends to fade and things can end up a bit revisionist.

Anyhow I'm ignoring my usual rules for three reasons. One, it's fish and chips which really isn't that difficult to remember. Two, it's fish and chips and I'm keeping up with the mission to review every single portion of fish and chips I've eaten this year (for the record this is portion thirteen. Oops that's quite a lot of fish and chips). Three, it was from a very well known chip shop and it wasn't particularly good.

Fish, chips and peas from Bryan's in Headingley. I couldn't fault the chips (well executed crunch/grease combo) or the peas but there were issues with the fish. It looks the part; - freshly fried and generously proportioned, but the batter was horribly soggy beneath the outer layer (as if the fish had been wet when dipped in it) and the skin had been left on. I had to scrape the flesh from the slimy, damp residual mess of skin and batter leaving that untouched in the tray like something picked from the plughole.

Lazy. Lazier than me not bothering to write it up for ages, lazier than any other Yorkshire chip shop worthy of the name. At around six quid the prices are hardly extortionate, but you can get better for less elsewhere in Leeds.

Has anyone been to Brett's recently? That was crap last time I went as well. The best chip shop in Headingley is almost certainly the little takeaway only place just down the little side street past the church.


9 Weetwood Lane
LS16 5LT

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Anonymous said...

Better off heading down to Arkwrights down in Woodhouse

Darren said...

I haven't eaten at Bryan's for a long time. I'm going to Nash's tomorrow night, any idea what the fish and chips are like there these days?

Dave said...

Anon - that one's new to me. Sounds interesting, thanks.

Darren - never been to Nash's so can't comment. Katie liked it: although that was a while ago.

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