Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bengal Spice, Holmfirth

I was out for curry and beers with a group of friends who live in and around Huddersfield on Saturday night. We started out with a couple of pints in the Nook (a pleasant mild and a pale ale that tasted a bit farty, not great) then moved on to Bengal Spice for the curry.

Essential equipment

It's an old school curry house, one of those with a little bar area where they ply you with booze and bombay mix while the table is prepared. It took an age for us to be seated even though we'd booked, but we were kept well lubricated with pints of Cobra (some of which I'm sure never appeared on the bill).

Classic curry house setting

We stuck to poppadums and a serviceable pickle tray for starters, then moved on to assorted curries, most of us choosing lamb in one form or another. I shared a lamb jalfry balti, a lamb saag, pilau rice and a couple of chappatis.

Lamb saag

Everything was ok, nothing more really. The sauces were moderately spicy and were at least quite distinct from dish to dish, the garlicky saag being the better of the two. The balti dish suffered from the inclusion of great big slices of undercooked onion and was a bit greasy.

The chapattis were good, quite thin and elastic, perfect for mopping and scooping. I didn't try the nan breads but they looked a bit rubbish.

Service was good, friendly if a little slow and the final bill was insubstantial given the amount of booze we'd consumed (only around 15 pounds each). Not a bad place to go in a group on a weekend night, the atmosphere is lively, but I wouldn't make a special trip for the food.


Unit 2/6 Victoria Arcade
Dunford Road

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