Tuesday, 30 August 2011

White House Café, Otley Chevin

I wasn't going to bother blogging this. It was a hiking pit stop where I ate a cheese and beans toastie and drank a pot of tea. Oh, and a can of Irn Bru. To give me strength.

I changed my mind because it turns out the café is run as a social enterprise, providing gainful employment for people with learning disabilities. I could be way off the mark, but that sounds like exactly like the sort of enterprise that needs a subsidy, is going to lose its subsidy in the foreseeable future, and needs more custom to justify its existence to the bean counters.

Whatever their funding status it's worth a visit regardless, especially if you're having a tramp round the forest park. There are picnic tables on a terrace looking out over Otley town astride the Wharfe in the valley below, and the toastie wasn't half bad for £1.50. Yes, £1.50. Including green salad, potato salad and coleslaw.

Cheaper than chips, grand scenery, friendly service and noble intentions. What more do you want?


The White House
Otley Chevin Forest Park


Katie said...

Fantastic, and what good value! This is why I like the Create cafes in the Parish and Trinity churches.

Dave said...

Ridiculously cheap. Think the pot of tea might have been 50p too. Will have to check out the Create cafes, had forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder!

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