Sunday, 21 August 2011

Leo's Fish Bar, Manchester

Fish and chip quest continues. I've walked past Leo's hundreds of times and wondered if it might be a contender, so after imbibing some splendid but rather alcoholic brews at Port Street Beer House a couple of Friday's ago I thought I'd pop in. As well as takeaway there's a fairly large restaurant with table service.

The fish was fresh and tasted good, but was a little overcooked. I wasn't convinced by the batter though, it was very hard and crunchy, sort of reminiscent of the stuff Chinese restaurants used to serve up for dessert. I half expected it to be doused in syrup and encasing a banana.

Good chips though, crisp outer and nice creamy innards. Equally good peas, sloppy and properly made.

Service was rapid and friendly, and prices reasonable. Cod, chips, peas and a soft drink was around seven pounds. Cheaper to takeaway. I wouldn't rush back but it's worth a shot if you're in the area.


12 Oldham Street
M1 1JQ

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