Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Six Eight Kafé, Birmingham

Just a quick heads up about a great coffee shop in Birmingham. I seem to end up in Brum every few months or so to attend some seminar or meeting or other, which usually means arrival in the New Street dungeon, not enough time to find anywhere decent, then a day of mediocre caffeinated liquids to keep me awake 'til the train home.

I know there's good coffee to be had in Birmingham, but up until now it's never been right there when I need it. Six Eight Kafé changed all that last week, conveniently appearing in front of me mere yards before I reached my destination.

The now customary flat white was a bobby-dazzler. Beautifully smooth in texture, just the right size, and made with an assertive, dark and roasty espresso blend that really hit the spot. The sandwiches looked good too but I'd already eaten.

£2.40 for the excellent coffee.


Six Eight Kafé
6/8 Temple Row
B2 5HG


1 comment:

Unknown said...

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